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What is full service DSD?

  • Full service DSD (Direct Store Delivery/Distribution) is when Whisha visits grocery stores regularly to merchandise and write orders on the stores behalf. This is a benefit to all parties as it minimizes out of stocks, ensures freshness, and keeps the shelves looking neat and tidy.

How many roasters do you work with?

  • We currently partner with 60+ craft roasters.

How much business are you doing?

  • Each Whisha Service Reps moves on average over 5 tons of coffee per week to over 1000 grocery locations in Northern California, Southern California, Texas, and Colorado. 

How does it work?

  • Whisha buys coffee from roasters, applies a marginal mark up, and sells to grocers. We take ownership of inventory.

How do you choose which coffee to sell? 

  • We selectively partner with coffee roasters to guarantee the best for our customers. It is very demand based. Whisha is NOT a sales broker, we provide a service to our customers (grocers) and to our suppliers (roasters). 

How long have you been in business?

  • Whisha was founded in 2015.

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