Specialized Full Service DSD for Craft Coffee

Uniquely focused on supporting roasters with distribution services catered to craft coffee. 

  • Ease of working with a single point of contact for local craft coffee products.

  • Access to an array of hip craft and local coffee products.

  • Central point of contact for deals, ads, and demo coordination.

  • Wholesale prices same as getting direct!

  • In House Demo Services for all our roasters.

  • Localized coffee sets based on store location.

When stores or roasters transition to Whisha, sales increase on average by 22.4%.

Full Service DSD


Frequent store visits to ensure shelves are always merchandised with fresh coffee, with the goal of eliminating out of stocks. Shelves will be kept full, no need for stores to place orders. When Whisha provides full service we guaranteed sales to ensure freshness. Full Service is best for customers with high volumes and large arrays of coffee products.

Direct Orders


Customers can order online, email us, text us, call us, or place an order by any means. We order coffee weekly if not more so it will always be fresh and will be delivered within 1-3 business days. Best for customers with limited coffee offerings or who are not interested in full service. Also great for RTD coffee! 

Inventory Assessments

For roasters that want to continue to deliver direct, Whisha has service reps visiting each store weekly who can provide live in store inventory data for specific products. This helps roasters with demand planning, sales calls, and general customer service.