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Increased coffee sales on average by 22.4%
Vision and Mission
Whisha believes coffee unites people, uplifts local communities and businesses, and provides impactful job opportunities across the globe. Our vision is to support this important and precious resource by becoming North America's preeminent omni-channel enabler, wholesaler, and logistics provider for craft coffee. 

Whisha's mission is to advance the transition of coffee from a commodity good to a specialty item by enabling, enhancing, and accelerating its provision across North America.

Our Service
Coffee Category Management: Service to grocers via Direct Store Delivery (DSD) for craft coffee.  Every grocery customer is offered an incredible assortment of craft coffee alongside a service that allows them to maintain a unique, fresh, and pristine coffee section with no hassle. Whisha currently provides craft coffee services at over 1,000 grocery stores in Northern California, Southern California, Colorado, and Texas.
Roaster Partners
The best roasters in the industry:  Whisha carefully procures from award winning roasters with proven quality, production capabilities, professionalism, and track record of success. Our roasters are our partners and we cater our services to ensure their product is maintained with the care and freshness it deserves. 
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